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Rock-Chester Rocks Out!!!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I’m so soaking up this beautiful weather at the moment here in the States, cause I’m headin’ home in a couple of weeks, straight into winter!!  Oh well it’s all good…!!   

So, Rochester !  The day started with a signing at the House of Guitars which has been open for 47 years!!  People tell me it’s definately on their “bucket list”, an amazing music store, apparently the largest in the world…lighting and a stage for signings, a CD/record store, a music school, a studio, and mega-tons of musical equipment for sale everywhere the eye can see.  I got the guided tour and saw the wall of fame….honestly you can’t look at one corner that isn’t covered, it’s amazing!  What an honor to sit with the All Star Rock Tour participants, music legends Orleans, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, & Deep Purple), John Cafferty and Robbie Dupree, and sign some swag and posters for the Tour.    

From there it was off to sound check to get ready, and before I knew it I was on stage in RockChester!…The Armory, what a fantastic venue, holds 5000 people.  Apparently the guy who bought it paid $1 for it back in the day, the city didn’t know what to do with it…really amazing, as it is in fact like a castle (literally)…no doubt he had a lot of work to do on it, but it really has a fantastic vibe…   

The concert was so exciting, an amazingly energetic audience that rocked out the whole time…you guys were awesome! I so enjoyed jumping on stage at the end of the night to join in with the All Star Rock guys, chiming in on so many great and memorable melodies from back in the day.  Looking forward to the next time already!  
…but now, on with the (next) show… in St. Petersberg on June 4!   

Hope you guys are well, love you heaps, Anita x

R&B in the R’n Bar!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Back in New York City baby, third time since January, its on!… 4am starts, here we go again haha!
Back from Europe after some fantastic shows, headed straight into rehearsals to get ready for the next two weeks of shows in the US.
So good to be working again with my amazing NYC band…so talented and easy to work with! First show on Thursday 19 May was at the R-Bar…talk about an amazing night … The place was packed out, roudy, and dancing and singing with me. I had a couple of guys from the crowd up with me rocking the La La La hand tutting moves…for 10 minutes…was so much fun…you know that was the longest version I have done of that song everrrrrr lol.
We also had the film crew for the reality tv series “Almost Famous” covering the show…I can’t wait to see the footage…such a good night!
Next show Rock-chester NY with the”All Star Rock Tour”…yeeeaahhh!! Enjoy the pics 🙂 Love
Anita x

Rocking it out in Europe

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

One of these trips im actually going to get a few days to take a good look around London haha…always such a short visit!  At least I did get to see Trafalgar Square from a double-dekka bus which was cool!   Another great couple of shows on the 5th & 7th of May (was a cool buzz to hear that Suga Babes, Miley Cyrus and REM had sung on the same stage!)…the crowd were amazing and I was my normal cheaky self lol, got that fellow blushing hard out !! :):)   I was happy to see some beautiful weather in the UK after coming from a wet and soggy Wellington! …I think I should do an All-Year Summer Tour, sunshine and street cafes all the way…anyone wanna come?   After the shows in London I headed to Paris for a few days…great meetings, vibes and mega yum off to the big apple to kick off a tour in the US.   I miss my home and beautiful family, but I love my fans and the shows we’ve been doing…always a great feeling traveling and connecting with my peeps far and wide !   So next show’s in NYC on the 19 May on The Bowery, gonna be a rockin’ one !   Take care and God bless, Anita xx

Body Clock Change Back, or is that Forward …….

Monday, May 9th, 2011

It’s only been three weeks since I got back to NZ … and boom, here I am on the other side of the world once again. Third trip this year … I miss home every time I go … but things just get more and more exciting!
So after 24 hours of travelling I reached NYC …. I don’t know what was up with me but I couldn’t sleep at all on the plane, Qantas had too many good movies … With my adrenaline riding high I was all good, so headed straight into meetings until the early hours of the morning.  And of course, after a great dinner meeting with my manager Bernadette, I come out to find my car had been towed … Man NYC is relentless … had to get upway early the next morning to retrieve it before a studio session and catching my onward flight. …ahhhhh…. !!
With my car “out-of-jail”, I headed to Queens and had a fantastc studio session with my music producer and remixer on the new remix of Complicated (due to be released in June)…man these guys have had so many hit records with Beyonce, Celine Dion, J Lo etc…was such an honor to be working with them! …but more on this soon…
So I’ve just arrived in London to perform a couple of shows at the London City Showcase Music Festival, staged in the Piccadilly Circus district. Thought I’d finally have some time to check out this great city…but could not sleep for the life of me…finally drifted off at 11am and slept the whole day lol… Will have to swing past Big Ben I guess, to get my body clock changed over to this side of the world haha.
Lots of exciting things planned for this trip, am in Europe for the next couple of weeks with tasty gigs and people and places and things, I’ll bring you guys right to the center of the action with some photos on my next blog…
Thinking of you all and hope you are well, Lots of love,
Anita xx